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Short Films, Short Newsletter.
Disquiet, joy, and FLORET | FEATURETTE, vol. 3. 🌷🍊💞
Some synergy, some nifty links, some overwhelming love [as per], and the second FLORET | FEATURETTE.
A (sort of) teaser trailer. Or: Launch and Other Dates. Or: Ah, Heck—God—Time. Or: [a string of blushing cartoon hearts]
A release date! A cover reveal! A preorder link! A theatre review or two! A surprise portrait! A heart full of love!
Wrapping up a gift (and a marathon) of a month.
A bit about villanelles, a bit about slipperiness, a bit about The Passion. (And, like, some pretty hefty footnotes, dude.) 🌪💌✨
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